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Post LampsIDFEP-S0000231B

A decorative post lamp can add a touch of style, enhance curb appeal and make your home more inviting. Installing a post lamp is one of the easiest ways to help protect your property and family, providing a brighter entrance that potentially discourages vandalism. All post lamps are installed by an independent licensed professional contractor that will help you chose the best post lamp for your home.

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  • Styles for everyone – Post lamps range from classic to contemporary
  • Climate versatile - Durable construction for all weather conditions
  • Coordinate everywhere- Matching wall-mount fixtures available
  • Energy efficient - Utilizes efficient LED technology saving up to 80% on energy cost and lasting up to 25 times longer than incandescent*
  • Dusk-to-dawn - Photocell turns light on and off automatically, preventing daytime activation for potential cost savings


  • What you get – Free lighting estimate. Professional guidance on choosing the best post lamp package for your space.  Post lamp package includes choice of lamp head (bulbs included) from a variety of styles, a photocell for the dusk-to-dawn feature, a coordinating fluted pole installed in concrete and all wiring trenched to home.

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Free quote – To schedule your free quote, simply call us at 1-800-505-7283, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., closed Sunday.

Three easy ways to pay –

  1. On your electric bill - Add the charges to your monthly electric bill for up to 36 months, with approved credit.* No down payment or hidden fees.
  2. In full - Pay in full with check or credit card
  3. Credit card – with monthly installments on your credit card

* Enrollment eligibility may be contingent on our ability to add the program charge to your monthly electric utility bill.

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Disclaimer: The customer is not required to purchase the good or service from FirstEnergy or the FirstEnergy operating company and the good or service may be obtained from other suppliers. A customer's decision to receive or not receive the good or service from FirstEnergy or the FirstEnergy operating company will not influence the delivery of competitive or non-competitive retail electric service to that customer by FirstEnergy or the FirstEnergy operating company. For Ohio customers, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio does not regulate this optional service and has no authority to investigate complaints about this optional service.


Q: What is the FirstEnergy Post Lamp program?
A: FirstEnergy offers a Post Lamp and maintenance program for residential customers of our operating companies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland to assist them with a variety of post lamps and service options to meet their needs.

Q: Can a contractor come out to look at my home and make a recommendation?
A: Yes, an independent lighting contractor will come to your home to see where you would like the post lamp installed and provide a written estimate for the cost of your custom installation.   

Q: What does a maintenance visit include?
A. Remove lamps and clean socket contacts. Clean inside and outside of glass panels of the lamp head. Apply non-corrosion weatherproof sealer to bulb sockets. Re-lamp fixtures, if needed. Inspect photocells. Recommend improvements to post system. Repair or replace electrical components, if needed.

Q: Will contractors use existing line voltage wire?
A: Contractors will use an existing line voltage wire if it is in working condition. If there is not a warranty on existing wiring, contractors will quote pricing for replacing the existing post and head.

Q: Where can I order replacement bulbs?
A: Replacement bulbs are readily available in most retail hardware and home improvement stores.

Q: Are matching wall mount fixtures available?
A: Yes, matching wall mounted fixtures are available. Finishes and sizes are shown in the Post Lamp Brochure. Larger and smaller sized fixtures are available in most styles also. Please ask your contractor for assistance.

Q: Can I install the post lamp in landscape beds or in the grass? 
A: Yes, wiring can be safely installed in flower and landscape beds. Line voltage code requires that the line be buried approximately 18 inches. Contractors will observe local codes as well as the National Electrical Code for proper installation.

Q: Do you have a post lamp to light a dark driveway?
A: Yes, the post lamp lighting fixtures work well for average size lots. For larger properties, more than one post lamp may be installed.

Q: Is a programmable timer available?
A: Each fixture has a photocell for automatic operation of the lights. The photocell will turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

Q: What is the warranty for post lamps?
A: The lamp fixture, post and workmanship on the installations are warranted for one-year parts and labor, by the installer. Replacement light bulbs will be provided if they fail within 30 days from the date of installation. Additional warranties may apply on the fixture from the manufacturer.

Q: How soon will the contractors call me? How soon will they install the system?
A: You can expect the referred independent contractor to contact you within 3 business days and the lighting is typically installed within 3 weeks of the order date.

Q: Will they remove my old post lamp?
A: Yes, for an additional fee which will be added to your estimate.

Q: Is the equipment Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) approved?
A: Yes, all the equipment has UL approval.

Q: What do I need to know for new construction?
A: Generally, low voltage lighting cannot be installed until the landscaping is completed, but certain procedures like installing PVC pipe under sidewalks, driveways, etc. to install the low voltage landscape lighting wires at the time of installation is helpful.

Q: Can you run electrical wires under a sidewalk or driveway?
A: Yes, the contractor can do this assuming there is PVC piping in place. This will be included in the quote for an additional fee.

Q: Are the posts available in different colors?
A: The posts come in a variety of colors such as Black, White, Old Brick, Bronze, Pewter and Copper. Cross Arms on the post are available in black and white finishes.

Q: Are electrical outlets provided on the posts?
A: The posts in the program do not have electrical outlets available. Contractors may be able to quote a price for a custom pole to suit your needs.

Q: May I have a low voltage post installed?
A: Yes, low voltage post lamps are available. Reasons to utilize low voltage systems include safety (no shock hazard; safe around children and pets) and minimum disturbance to existing landscaping because deep trenching is not required.

Q: Are permits or inspections required?
A: In some areas permits and inspections are required by local inspectors. Contractors will quote the permit costs when necessary.

Q: What are the payment options?
A: Customers may add the post lamp charges to their electric bill for up to 36 months with approved credit*. No down payments or hidden fees. Or you can pay your contractor directly by check (payable to FirstEnergy) or credit card at the time of service.
*Enrollment eligibility may be contingent on our ability to add the program charge to your monthly electric utility bill