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Element Color Plus Starter KitIDSNG-E29-NA03FWA-2K

$69.99 each

The Element Color Plus Starter Kit is the simple way to get started with customizable smart lighting. The kit comes with two Element Color Plus LED light bulbs plus the hub. Choose from 16 million colors of light or change from candlelight to daylight (2000K–6500K). Turn lights on and off, dim or brighten and set schedules using the mobile app. Certified to work with Amazon Alexa and Echo Plus, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things and IFTTT. Fits in standard lamps and fixtures. Connect up to 64 Sengled Element bulbs per hub.

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Create Your Element

  • Easily design an environment that reflects your personality or activity by customizing colors, brightness and light temperatures, from candlelight to daylight. Choose from 16 million colors.

Control your lights from your phone

  • Use the new Sengled Home iOS or Android app to set the mood and control your lights remotely, at home or away.
  • Control your Element LED bulbs with a dashboard app. Manage group control, brightness, on/off, color, color temperature, light schedules, wake up time and energy stats.
  • Element LED bulbs are energy efficient, using only 9W of power while turned on.

Compatible with smart home partners

  • The Element Color Plus Kit works with most smart home systems and voice assistant devices. This includes voice control devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, hubs like Amazon Echo Plus and services like IFTTT.

Connect up to 64 Sengled Element bulbs per hub - fits in standard lamps and fixtures


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What is the return policy for this product?
In the event of a problem or need to return this product, please contact 1-866-828-1176 and provide the representative with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Part number
  • Return quantity
  • Item description
  • Date received
  • Reason for return
  • Customer name, address, phone number and email address

Per the 30-day money back guarantee, a refund will only be issued for unused products. If your product has not shipped yet, you may cancel and receive a full refund. Bulbs come with a three-year limited warranty. If a bulb becomes defective within the applicable limited warranty period, you will receive a full refund. If for any reason the product you ordered is lost, stolen or damaged, you will receive a replacement free of charge. Product return shipping is free.

Can I add additional Color Plus and other Element bulbs (Classic A19 or BR30)?
Yes, you can add additional Element LED bulbs to the Element Hub. A single Element Hub supports up to 64 Element bulbs.

What is the recommended distance between the hub and the bulbs?
Element Color Plus LED bulbs work best when they are within 120 feet (35 m) of the hub. However, this could be affected by walls. In wireless mode, the hub needs to be within the Wi-Fi range of your router.

Can Element Color Plus bulbs be used outside? How about in the bathroom?
No. Element Color Plus bulbs are not waterproof and are only rated to withstand between 0% and 95% relative humidity in a non-condensing environment. As such, it is recommended that Element bulbs and hubs not be used in bathrooms or outside.

What devices can I use to control Element Color Plus?
You can use any IOS or Android mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Pixel, etc.). If you want to use an iPad, please use the iPhone and mobile phone version by changing the settings in the app store to search for iPhone apps. Windows phones are not supported. Operating systems such as Windows, OSX and Linux are not supported at this time.

Do Element Color Plus bulbs work with wall dimmers?
No, Element Color Plus is not compatible with wall dimmers. Use of a wall dimmer can cause light flickering or noise. It is recommended that you use the Element Home App, Sengled Home App, or voice assistant to adjust the brightness level of your LED bulbs.

Do I need to hire an electrician to install Element Color Plus?
No. Installing Element is as easy as screwing in the bulbs, plugging in the hub and following the straightforward in-app instructions.

Which third party hubs are currently compatible with the Element Color Plus?
The Element Color Plus has been certified to work with the Sengled Element hub and Samsung SmartThings hub. It also directly connects to Amazon Echo Plus, which has a built-in hub.

How many different shades of white does Element Color Plus support?
The Element Color Plus bulb supports color temperature adjustment from candlelight to daylight (2000K to 6500K).

How many colors does Element Color Plus support?
16 million.

Does this product have a warranty from the manufacturer?
Yes, this product comes with a three-year warranty; the manufacturer’s warranty information for this product can be found HERE.*

*By clicking this link, you are leaving the FirstEnergy website and entering a website maintained by Sengled. Sengled is entirely responsible for the content of this website.