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Everbright BR30 Bulb (Temporarily OUT OF STOCK)IDSNG-EBBR30ND827

$14.99 each

The Sengled Everbright emergency LED bulb automatically switches on when the power goes out and features a built-in rechargeable battery. Fitted for recessed light fixtures, it provides 100 lumens of light for up to 12 hours or 250 lumens for 3.5 hours.

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  • No more fumbling for a flashlight. The Everbright can be unscrewed from any fixture and used as a flashlight, during an outage.
  • Experience convenience and safety. This bulb features a built-in rechargeable battery. Damp rated for top performance in any room.
  • Illuminates for up to 12 hours providing 100 lumens of light or 3.5 hours at 250 lumens.
  • Works like a regular light bulb, turns on/off with your light switch during outage. Energy efficient LED bulb that uses only 12W of power and lasts up to 25,000 hours.
  • Affordable, dependable, one for every room.


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What is the return policy for this product?

In the event of a problem or need to return this product, please contact 1-866-828-1176 and provide the representative with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Part number
  • Return quantity
  • Item description
  • Date received
  • Reason for return
  • Customer name, address, phone number and email address

Per the 30-day money back guarantee, a refund will only be issued for unused products. If your product has not shipped yet, you may cancel and receive a full refund. Bulbs come with a one-year limited warranty. If a bulb becomes defective within the applicable limited warranty period, you will receive a full refund. If for any reason the product you ordered is lost, stolen or damaged, you will receive a replacement free of charge. Product return shipping is free.

Does the Everbright lose charge if I don’t use it?

Yes. Like most rechargeable battery-powered products, Everbright will slowly lose charge if unused. It is also recommended to install the Everbright at a location where it is switched on regularly. It takes over a month for Everbright to lose all of its charge. The manufacturer recommends turning on the Everbright a few hours every month to keep it fully charged.

How do I charge the Everbright?

Turn the Everbright on for about 6 hours to fully charge.

How bright is the Everbright?

During standard operation, the Everbright is 650 lumens. During battery operation, the Everbright can switch between 100 lumens or 250 lumens.

How long does the Everbright LED bulb last?

The Everbright LED has a 25,000-hour lifetime. With an average usage of 5 hours per day, that’s more than 13 years. 

What type of battery does the Everbright have?

The Everbright contains a high capacity lithium-ion battery that can be discharged and recharged thousands of cycles. 

Where can I install the Everbright?

The Everbright fits into a standard E26 socket and can be installed anywhere in your home as long as it is not exposed directly to water or steam.

How long does it take the Everbright to recharge?

From a fully depleted state, the Everbright will take about 6 hours to recharge.

If the wall switch is turned off during a power outage, will the Everbright turn on?

The Everbright will remain off in this situation until you turn the switch on. You can turn on and off the Everbright as you wish during a power outage. 

I unplugged my lamp and the Everbright didn’t turn on. Is it broken?

The Everbright has built-in circuitry that can tell the difference between being turned off / unplugged and a true power outage.

Does this product have a warranty from the manufacturer?

Yes, this product comes with a warranty; the manufacturer’s warranty information for this product can be found HERE.*

*By clicking this link, you are leaving the FirstEnergy website and entering a website maintained by Sengled. Sengled is entirely responsible for the content of this website.