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Sengled LED SmartSense Motion Sensor PAR 38 3000K Floodlight Outdoor (bright white)IDSNG-SSPAR38NAE26W


A weatherproof outdoor security light that includes a built-in sensor to detect motion within 30 feet. Easily adds extra lighting to driveways, garages, backyards, doorways, patios, unfinished basements and more — without the need to install a special fixture!

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  • Built in motion sensor – Detects motion within 30 feet of the bulb.
  • 90 seconds of bright white light – Stays lit for 90 seconds after motion is detected.
  • Wide angle movement detection – The sensor tracks movement within a 100-degree field of vision.
  • Easy to install – Twist in and power on; no extra sensors, wires or special fixtures required.
  • Long lasting – Energy-saving LED bulb is good for 25,000 hrs.
  • What you get – Includes one (1) bulb and instructions

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  1. Can the Smartsense PAR38 be used outdoors?
    Yes, it is damp rated and can be used outdoors.
  2. How bright is the Smartsense PAR38?
    The Smartsense floodlight produces 1050 lumens, which is brighter than the headlights of most cars and motorcycles.
  3. How long does the Smartsense bulb last?
    The Smartsense LED has a 25,000-hour lifetime. With an average usage of 3 hours per day, that's more than 20 years. It can be switched on and off more than 15,000 times.
  4. Is the Smartsense weatherproof?
    Yes, it is weatherproof and can be used outdoors.
  5. What is the detection range for Smartsense?
    The detection range is 30 feet, which helps avoid false triggers and saves electricity.
  6. Does the light switch need to be on for it to work? Does that waste electricity?
    Yes, the power needs to remain on for the Smartsense to operate. During standby detection mode, Smartsense consumes less than 0.2W, which is less than or equivalent to standard motion detection fixtures.
  7. If a fixture already has a motion detector, can Smartsense be used?
    No, Smartsense cannot be installed on fixtures with existing motion detectors. Motion detectors cut power to the fixture when there is no motion detected. The Smartsense needs power to be on at all times in order to function.
  8. Upon installation, the Smartsense bulb turned on but then turned off by itself. What is going on?
    When the bulb is first screwed in, it enters an initialization mode where it will turn on and off on its own. It will work properly as long as it remains powered on.
  9. Will the light stay on as long as motion is detected?
    Yes. Each new motion event resets the timer to 90 seconds. So, if you moved after the light came on, it will turn off when there is 90 seconds of no motion.