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A Lesson in Laundry

Back to school means back to hectic schedules and less free time to get things done – like the never-ending chore of doing laundry. Before the laundry starts to pile up again, here are some tips to help you lighten the load.

Get Organized – Whether you have a laundry room or a laundry corner, it is important to keep the area organized. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong, and try to keep your laundry supplies in the same place.

Get the Family Involved – Create a sorting station using multiple hampers and have your kids separate their laundry. Also, keep separate laundry baskets for each family member so they can fold and put away their own clothes.

Less is More – Try to cut back on the amount of laundry products you use. There are many products available that work well on multiple fabrics. Also, not all clothes need the dryer. Save money on your energy bill by using a drying rack, or better yet, a wall-mounted retractable clothesline, which can virtually disappear when it’s not being used.

Take Care of Your Appliances – No one has time for a broken washer or dryer, and there are simple things you can do to help maintain them. These include cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap before every load, and drying the washer door in front-load units or opening the door on top-loaders to prevent mold.

But even with the best of maintenance, your washer or dryer can break down. Here’s a great tip: FirstEnergy offers protection against the cost of fixing them if it does happen. And with all the commotion that comes with back-to-school, a little peace of mind can mean a lot. Visit the Laundry Room Repair Plan page on this site to learn more.