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It’s Game Time. Can Your Home Perform Under the Pressure?Meatball sub sandwich

Now is the time of year for football watch parties and record-breaking food consumption. But if you’re hosting friends and family for the big game, your home is going to need to be in championship form for all the TV watching, chili cooking and food frying.

Make sure your home can handle max capacity
I know from experience that entertaining a house full of guests can be stressful – on both you and your home. If you’re worried that your home’s wiring and outlets aren’t able to handle the load of cooking, lighting, and entertainment equipment that makes game day fun, have one of our highly trained professional contractors give you a free estimate through the Electrical Services program. You may also want to consider other services by Smartmart to keep your home safe, inviting and in perfect working order for your guests, like the Kitchen Appliance Repair Plan, which can help save you a bundle if your refrigerator, stove, oven or dishwasher breaks down.

People cheeringClean up with savings
And if you’re using an old extra refrigerator to store your food and beverages, consider recycling it after your event. You can save up to $150 a year in reduced energy costs. Plus, FirstEnergy’s utilities can even come pick it up for you and give you $50 for it. Visit your state’s energy efficiency page to schedule a pickup and start saving.

- Ohio customers: energysaveOhio.com
- Pennsylvania customers: energysavePA.com
- Maryland customers: energysaveMD.com

If you’re not a customer of FirstEnergy’s utilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Maryland, contact your local waste management facility to see if any other recycling options are available to you.

Before any beverages are chilled or chili is cooked, remember to take a look at Smartmart, your playbook for making your game day super.