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Just How Much Energy Am I Using, Anyway?

Welcome to the Energy Expert series. Join Cherie, your smart energy advocate, as she takes you through her home, exploring the many ways you can become an energy expert with the help of Smartmart and energy efficiency programs available through your local utility.

We’re continually relying on electricity to make our lives more convenient and our homes more comfortable. But as we enjoy the many benefits of smarter technology, it’s a good idea to make smarter decisions about our energy use.

We’ll be exploring ways to save energy in every room of your home, but the first step to becoming an energy expert is knowing just how much energy you’re using in the first place. Luckily, FirstEnergy’s utilities offer tools and information to help you better understand your energy use so that you can take real steps toward using energy more wisely, and start saving money.

Where do I start?

You can start with a simple assessment of your energy use using our online home energy analyzer. Just login and answer some questions about your home to learn ways you can start saving throughout the entire home right away – from energy-saving tips, to improved weatherization and more efficient lighting.

To take the next step toward becoming an energy expert, consider having your home’s energy use evaluated by a certified auditor. In a home energy audit, a professional can assess your home’s energy efficiency, including your heating and cooling system, insulation and windows, as well as conduct a blower door test to detect air leaks in your home. Plus, customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland may be eligible to save on the cost of an audit and receive energy-efficient products and incentives on additional recommended upgrades. Energy evaluations and improvements are also available to income-eligible customers of all FirstEnergy utilities; visit your state’s energy efficiency page to learn more! Ohio customers | Pennsylvania customers | Maryland customers | West Virginia customers

And don’t forget to check out some of our repair and maintenance plans on this site – like the HVAC maintenance plan, which can keep some of the biggest energy-users in your home running at peak performance.

Come back soon!

You’re on your way to becoming an energy expert. Stop back again to learn more about your energy use and continue to explore ways to make your home more efficient, smarter and more comfortable.