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Keep Your Trees Healthy While They Bring You Summer Shade

Do you know how to properly care for your trees during the summer season? The hot, direct sunlight that is so common in the summer months can be hard on the trees you need for shade. The occasional harsh summer storm can cause your trees stress as well.

Tyler Woody, a certified arborist for FirstEnergy, offers some tips to ensure your summertime tree care is beneficial and easy, leaving you time to relax and enjoy your summer days.

While routine pruning usually does help to maintain the health and strength of your trees, it is not always safe to prune your trees during the summer. In fact, the decision to prune or not to prune depends on the type or extent of the cutting.

Light pruning, such as the removal of dead or damaged wood, can be done during any season, including summer. So, if you notice some dead ends or damaged branches from a storm, trimming them off is okay.

However, extensive trimming or cutting should wait until the late fall to early springtime. The tree is dormant during this period, so pruning won’t cause much stress. Also, insects and disease organisms are less active, which means the likelihood of tree infection is a lot lower.

Tyler also provides some summer tips on mulching, which offers many benefits.

Mulch helps the soil around the tree maintain moisture by slowing down the evaporation process. This can be especially beneficial during the summer when higher temperatures cause the soil to retain less water. In addition to looking good, mulch also helps prevent weed growth.

When picking out a mulch, make sure to choose one with an organic base. Be careful not to mulch too close to the tree’s trunk, as this could cause root problems. Instead, lay the mulch right outside where the trunk meets the ground. After that, you can spread your mulch bed as far away from the tree as you like.

If you are looking for a professional to help keep your trees healthy, strong and beautiful in any season, your FirstEnergy utility company can be of service. Click here to book a free consultation, or to learn more about FirstEnergy’s Professional Tree Services.