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Shedding Some Light on LEDsMother and daughter reading under a LED light

The importance of good lighting is rarely more obvious than in the winter. The nights are longer and in this region, natural light is in short supply. With all the lighting options available, you might be uncertain about which choice is right for you. But one thing is for sure – LED lighting is a good fit for any situation.

What are LEDs?
LED stands for light emitting diode, and although this technology may seem new, it’s actually been around since the early 1900s! The practical application of this technology wasn’t discovered for decades, but since then, these marvels of lighting have become exponentially more efficient and less expensive. Because incandescent bulbs produce a lot of wasted heat to create light, LED lights can improve your lighting quality and are about 90 percent more efficient.

Why switch?
The short answer is that LEDs use less electricity, which means you save money. But, there are other benefits as well, such as:

Durability – Because they produce less heat, they are made with durable plastic instead of glass.
Longer life – LEDs can last for years, which means you won’t have to get the ladder out to change that hard-to-reach bulb as often.
Greener – You are using less electricity and replacing bulbs less often, but you’re also avoiding lighting that contains mercury, which is bad for the environment. LEDs are also recyclable!
Many color options – Believe it or not, LEDs come in a wide variety of color options. Warm, soft white; cool, bright white; or natural daylight to suit your tastes. Plus, colorful LEDs make for safer, more-efficient holiday lights.
Exciting New Technology – LEDs are opening new doors for the lighting world. There are even lighting apps that allow you to change the color of your lights with the swipe of a finger. Check out our lighting products available in the Home Products section of our site!

Person changing light bulb in an orange fixture

Where do I start?
As with anything new, switching can seem like a daunting task. But there are many resources available to help you with the process.

To find out how much money and energy you can save, use our Lighting Savings Calculator. You can enter the bulbs you currently have, and see the savings add up. Ohio customers | Pennsylvania customers | West Virginia customers | Maryland customers

Read some of our helpful Purchasing Tips to learn which bulbs are right for you. These tips will guide you through the shopping process and even provide you with a printable lighting worksheet that you can bring with you when you shop. Ohio customers | Pennsylvania customers | West Virginia customers | Maryland customers

For information on where to get instant discounts on LEDs, use our convenient Discount Search Tool. Enter the store, manufacturer or search by item number or UPC code, and the available discounted bulbs will be displayed. Ohio customers | Pennsylvania customers | West Virginia customers | Maryland customers

Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. It can even be fun. Use LEDs to brighten up your home during the dark days of winter – or all year round!