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The Long and Short of Battery-Operated Lawn EquipmentFamily doing yard work.

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, grass is growing, and one thing is on our minds – the mowing season has begun.

So, you reluctantly grab your mower, clean it off, change the oil, fill the gas tank and keep your fingers crossed when you pull the cord. But, imagine looking forward to mowing – without the noise, the mess and the smell of gas-powered lawn tools. It’s possible – with battery-operated outdoor power equipment.

You may be thinking that battery-powered equipment doesn’t cut it. But, today’s tools aren’t what they used to be. For example, it’s now possible to get up to 60 minutes of run time per charge, and with universal batteries, you can switch from one tool to the other with almost no effort.

They’re also:

  • Quieter – An electric mower typically produces 75 decibels compare to 95 or more from the gas-powered alternative.
  • Cleaner – You’ll no longer need to store gasoline and oil – or soak up spills. The only thing you’ll need to clean is the grass.
  • Less Expensive to Operate – Gas isn’t cheap, and running a cordless lawnmower not only can save you money at the pump, but it eliminates routine maintenance like replacing air filters and spark plugs as well as oil changes. 
  • Better for the environment – Gas-powered push mowers emit as much pollution as eight cars operating for the same period of time. Riding mowers are more than four times worse. Battery-operated mowers give off no emissions. 

When it comes to lawn care, switching to battery-operated lawn tools can make the least-favorite part of your summer something you actually enjoy. It’s time to stop pulling the cord, and cut it.

Happy mowing!