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When to water, fertilize or both

The rising temperatures of summer call for consistent and correct tree maintenance. With each tree being different, do you know when to water and fertilize yours?

Tyler Woody, a certified arborist for FirstEnergy, provides some watering and fertilizing information so you can keep your trees healthy and strong during the season.

During summer’s heat, watering is an important part of tree maintenance. Drought tolerance, soil conditions and climate make every tree unique, so it’s hard to set a specific amount of water it will need.

Generally, a tree needs one inch of rainfall per week.

Due to less rainfall in the summer, you may notice these stress symptoms:

  • Pale or wilted-looking leaves (starts around top of the plant)
  • Burnt-looking leaves with dead spots around them (can lead to premature leaf drop)
  • Pine trees, conifers, white pines, spruce tree needles losing green color (brownish or reddish, start to fall)

These signs mean your trees need water immediately.

Most trees stay healthy with good soil and adequate water. However, sometimes fertilizer is needed. This happens often in urban areas, where trees are planted in poor soil with low fertility.

Symptoms of nutrient deficiency include pale, yellow-tinted, or brown-spotted leaves.

Tyler suggests getting a soil or plant foliage test to indicate a specific nutrient deficiency. Hiring a certified arborist to help diagnose and make a recommendation is best.

If you are looking for a professional to help keep your trees healthy, strong and beautiful in any season, your FirstEnergy utility company can be of service. Book a free consultation or learn more about FirstEnergy’s Professional Tree Services.