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Year-Round Decorating Made EasyPine tree in the snow lite with multi-colored Lumenplay lights

It’s that time of year … Time to decorate your home for a festive holiday season. Imagine how much more fun decorating for the holidays would be if you didn’t have to hang up – or take down – your holiday lights every year. Then think of all the other occasions you could put the lights to use, adding more fun to any celebration. Decorating for holidays, birthdays and sporting events would never be the same.

One of the hottest trends in holiday decorating is app-controlled decorative lights, which are so versatile that you can create your own personalized light show for nearly any occasion. Even better, the brilliant LED bulbs are energy efficient so you’ll be saving some energy dollars.

Controlled with an app from your smartphone, tablet or computer, the color combinations are virtually limitless. You can set these lights in motion, adjusting the direction, speed and brightness – or even pulse them to music such as your holiday playlist, your school’s fight song, or a favorite movie soundtrack.

Child's indoor tent lite with multi-colored Lumenplay lights

Don’t think that the fun is only for the outdoors. Spread holiday cheer indoors by stringing app-controlled lights on doorways, fireplace mantles, decorative wreaths and your holiday tree. Or consider using these lights in a rec room or man cave to spark team spirit or above your kitchen cabinets to provide a soft, ambient glow. They work on a headboard or the ceiling of a child’s bedroom instead of a nightlight. Use them down the runner of your dining room table for enhanced ambiance and in baskets or vases to bring some warmth to an unused fireplace.

There are countless ways to decorate with app-controlled lights no matter the holiday or the season. So when decorating, let your creativity be your guide and control the show easily from your smart device. Click here to learn more.